Our Product

  A Yammer Analytics platform for all.


Identify (and mitigate) any hurdles to overcome potential slow adoption or ineffective use of Enterprise Social in your organisation.


Understand the breadth of interactions, proactively drive your Yammer strategy and track the success of the rollout and initiatives.


Act on both positive and negative key words in order to protect yourselves and your reputation to manage risk but also, in turn shape policies, procedures and training.


The ultimate aim of Stat is to provide you with actionable insights – so once you’ve uncovered them, use them to deliver change!

Yammer Insights for the Entire Organisation

Stat brings true ‘democracy of data’ to you, in a format that has been tried and tested by your peers

Steering Committee and Stakeholders

Give your Yammer adoption team the right tools to reap the benefits of a modern ESN

- HR Team
- Communication Team
- Engagement Team

Community Managers

Empower your internal champions and community managers

- Initiative Managers
- Community Champions
- Project Managers

Your Workforce

Give all your employees actionable social insights to really leverage Yammer

- Sales & Marketing
- Product Development
- Operations

Turning data into
Insight. Stat.

Use a data-driven approach to business decision-making with a tool that is plug and play. We’ve figured out key metrics for a successful Yammer roll-out and adoption so you don’t have to.

Simple and Straightforward

A User Interface that is the easy to navigate and simple for analysis. You don’t have to be a data analyst to use our product. Everything we design has simplicity at its heart.

A Fully Responsive Experience

A fully responsive experience – no matter what device you use to access Stat. Whether on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone – we aim to provide a seamless experience.

No Infrastructure Needed

This ensures that the decision to use Stat doesn’t need to be about IT. Our apps are cloud based, on-demand solutions that are securely accessed via Yammer based Single-Sign-On login

Cost Effective to Enable Rapid ROI.

Stat will ensure that you deliver Yammer post-implementation ROI sooner and minimise any ‘troughs’ in your Yammer implementation life cycle.

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