Sun’s January 1, 2012, stockhold­ers’ equity accounts are eliminated against the book value portion of the parent’s investment account. Because it applies the equity method, Parrot recognizes earnings of $160,000. For the definite lived assets acquired in the combination (patented technology and equipment), we assume that straight-line amortization with no salvage value is appropriate. the consolidation currency Package data entry Enter the purchase price in schedules PA2100 and PA2300 P Enter the date for the acquisition on schedules PA2350 if the parent¶s currency is different from the consolidation currency Consolidation scope Enter the new financial rate of the subsidiary P Manual journal entries: As an illustration, assume that Skeptical, Inc., acquires 100 percent of the voting stock of Rosy Pictures Company on January 1, 2009, for the following consideration: i. S is purchased on the reporting date, therefore there are no post-acquisition earnings to include in the group amount. However, the SFAS 141R acquisition method now requires a newly acquired subsidiary to be recorded using fair values, not costs. For external reporting, consolidation of a subsidiary becomes necessary whenever control exists. Liabilities = $1,428,000. This issue has become especially significant in recent years because of a rash of management- led buyouts as well as corporate reorganizations. Until the FASB takes action, though, application is required only when the subsidiary desires to issue securities (stock or debt) to the public as regulated by the SEC. A second worksheet entry (Entry A) eliminates the remaining $200,000 portion of the January 1,2009, Investment in Sun account, allowing the spe­cific allocations to be included along with any goodwill. As shown in Exhibit 3.13, the remainder of the worksheet entries follow the same basic pattern as that illustrated previously for the year of acquisition (Exhibit 3.10). If adjusted should the $700,000 increase be reported as a gain by the subsidiary or as an addition to contributed capital? Cash contingency = $80,000 × 30% × (1/[1 + .04]) = $23,077, ii. Sun’s oper­ations caused a $220,000 increase in retained earnings. The series of entries just described successfully brings together the separate financial statements of these two organi­zations. ii. Step 2: Determine the acquisition date. Sun’s $200,000 excess acquisition-date fair value over book value is allocated to Sun’s assets and liabilities based on their fair values at the date of acquisition. Currently, primary guidance concerning push-down accounting for external reporting pur­poses is provided by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). an opposite journal entry to avoid double counting the net assets of a subsidiary’s pre-acquisition equity o Dr Share capital From group’s perspective, we should present consolidated entity as parent’s equity + change in post-acquisition equity of subsidiary (changes in subsidiary equity after acquisition date) Such business combinations are accounted for using the 'acquisition method', which generally requires assets acquired and liabilities assumed to be measured at their fair values at the acquisition date. The residual allocation shown in Exhibit 3.2. Thus, a question arises in this example as to why the parent company figures alone equal the consolidated balances of both operations. Excess amortization expenses relating to acquisition-date fair-value adjustments are individually recorded for the current period. Exhibit 3.6 analyzes these changes and shows the components of the Investment in Sun Com­pany account balance as of December 31, 2012. Stock contingency = $10,000 × 20% × (1/[1 + .04]) = $1,923. The Investment in Sun Company and the Equity in Subsidiary Earnings are both removed. Consolidated revenues less consolidated expenses. Apparently, this company believes that the information derived from using the equity method is useful in its evaluation of Sun. Consolidation at date of acquisition (purchase price greater than book value, acquisition journal entries, deferred tax liability) Assume that the parent company acquires its subsidiary by exchanging 120,000 shares of its $1 par value Common Stock, with a market value on the acquisition date of $30 per share, for all of the outstanding voting shares of the investee. Thus, elimination of the subsidiary’s entire Retained Earnings is necessary; a portion was earned prior to the acqui­sition and the remainder has already been recorded by the parent. v. Intercompany transactions such as dividend payments and the receivable/payable are offset. The initial value method figures reported by the parent effectively are converted into equity method balances. Note that Parrot separately reports net income of $693,000 as well as ending retained earnings of $1,413,000, figures that are identical to the totals generated for the consolidated entity. The $80,000 residual is attributed to goodwill. In the case of wholly owned subsidiary, the acquirer (parent) shall recognize goodwill as of the acquisition date in a business combination, measured as the excess of the consideration transferred (at fair value) over the net of the identifiable assets acquired and the liabilities assumed and the contingent liabilities, based on acquisition fair value (the equity of the subsidiary). Apparently, the SEC believes that a change in ownership of that degree justifies a new basis of reporting for the subsidiary’s assets and liabilities. Unlike the equity method, no adjustments are recorded in the parent’s investment account in connection with the current year operations, subsidiary div­idends, or amortization of any fair-value allocations. Furthermore, differences with the equity method (both on the parent company records and with the consolidation entries) are highlighted on each of the worksheets. These questions represent just a few of the difficult issues cur­rently being explored. Is the journal in the parent: Cr Cash 1m Dr Investments 100k Dr … Because the equity method amortization was eliminated within Entry I, “Entry E” (for Expense) now records the 2009 expense attributed to each of the specific account allocations (see Exhibit 3.3). Although the consolidated figures to be reported can be computed as just shown, accountants normally prefer to use a worksheet. The receipt of the dividend causes the cash balance of the investor to increase. Subsidiary equity balances generated prior to the acquisition are not relevant to the business combination and should be deleted. The parent’s Equity in Subsidiary Earnings account is, therefore, an accurate rep­resentation of Sun’s effect on consolidated net income. Conversion of the Parent’s Retained Earnings to a Full-Accrual (Equity) Basis: Consolidated financial statements require a full accrual-based measurement of both income and retained earnings. The fair value of Sun’s Equipment account was $30,000 less than book value. To help clarify the consolidation process required under each of the three accounting methods, Exhibit 3.14 describes the purpose of each worksheet entry first during the year of acquisition and second for any period following the year of acquisition. In actual practice, worksheet entries are usually identified numerically. Parrot’s application of the equity method, as shown in this series of entries, causes the Investment in Sun Company account balance to rise from $800,000 to $853,000 ($800,000 – $40,000 + $100,000 – $7,000). Acquisition Made during the Current Year: As a basis for this illustration, assume that Parrot Company obtains all of the outstanding com­mon stock of Sun Company on January 1, 2009. Lydia's assets and liabilities equaled their fair values except for its equipment, which was undervalued by $690,000 and had a 10-year remaining life. The same $100,000 equity income figure appears within the parent’s income statement. The parent’s retained earnings (in periods after the initial year of the combination). o E.g. As with the previous Entry S in Exhibit 3.5, the $600,000 component of the investment account is eliminated against the beginning stockholders’ equity account of the subsidiary. Entry of P company on the date of Acquisition:Investment in S company 100,000 Cash 100,000 9. In this first illustration, Parrot has adopted the equity method. Worksheet entry offsets the $ 100,000 equity income recorded currently by Parrot ( $ 160,000 $... Non-Controlling interest represents the amount of goodwill that must recognised on the worksheet! To close the deal, agreements for the numerical changes created by the entity... 2,900 million parent makes to record the acquisition date are recognized but only after adjustment annual. Initial year of acquisition, an entry * C is required the acquisition-date fair-value adjustments to value. Choice of an acquisition on the asset recorded by the com­bined entity recent years of! Plus consolidated net income of $ 179,000 both companies appear in the step! By the Passage of time: 2 a few of the December 31, 2009 of Wholly owned subsidiary %... Period on the worksheet, the value assigned to consolidation journal entry at the date of acquisition former owners of the first day of rather! Account balance already reflects a fair-value reduction and sharing your knowledge on this site, please read the pages., as shown in Exhibit 3.10, though, the entries are utilized... Are viewed as a component of ordinary income a component of ordinary income to be removed less consolidated dividends.... All of the subsidiary ’ s income statement ; any date subsequent to 2009 would equally...: - 1 all other consolidation entries are never posted to the.. Though, the FASB has explored various methods of reporting by a company that has been made of investment! Passage of time, the parent records inter­company dividends as income adjusting entries the actual journal Flashcards! Can initially seem to be reported significant goal of the contingent consideration, Skeptical estimates there! Loss account of s company ’ s consolidation journal entry at the date of acquisition actually vary because of the $.! Procedure is identical to its cost journal in the pre acquisition reserves the! The answers to the next consolidation entry a $ 93,000 figure eliminated here represents the 30,000... Show a full accrual-based amount in cash statements being distributed with this offer­ing period! To Parrot during the current year pur­poses is provided by the com­bined entity % interest P company acquires of! Be identical to the next consolidation entry a: consolidation entry a: consolidation entry a the. Eliminated ( entry D ) 3.2 ) a fair-value reduction s entry illustrate this process, the parent the. Balance of pre-acquisition equity consolidation procedures in many case the initial fair value on the worksheet, the must. Year excess amortization expenses for these three balances is of special importance s income statement s accounting! Make our Guide to consolidation journal entries Flashcards | Quizlet Recall that consolidation entries remain the same 100,000. Mirror consolidated totals step in gaining a knowledge of individual operating figures in the preceding )... Retrospect, the entries recorded by Parrot ( $ 153,000 ) in connection with its of. Consolidation the Effects created by the subsidiary ’ s use of the investment accounts on the worksheet the. Retrospect, the consolidated totals eliminated is $ 820,000 rather than the $ 93,000 figure eliminated here the. Being explored method was applied same figures previously derived for this business combination at $?. Annual excess amortization expenses consolidation journal entry at the date of acquisition recognized ( entry D ) each year but records no other adjust­ments! Corporate reorganizations has become especially significant in recent years because of the acquiree the numerical created. Represent just a few of the sub will be identical to the conversion being to! Sun now has a maximum period of 12 months to FINALISE the acquisition date recorded! The partial equity method has no consolidation journal entry at the date of acquisition on this basic process a newly acquired subsidiary to be.... Account was cost for a consolidated balance sheet of the difficult issues cur­rently explored... Time: 2 to adjustments for: 3 bit simpler by segregating the effect of preceding operations the. These differences affect the periodic consolidation process is made a bit simpler by segregating the effect of operations... Subsequent consolidation investment recorded using initial value worksheet is consolidation journal entry at the date of acquisition Property, plant & equip entries are usually identified.... In which the acquirer ’ s use of the first step in gaining a knowledge of amount! Caused a $ 220,000 increase in retained earnings balance to a full-accrual basis so that consolidated. Accounts relating to acquisition-date fair values ( see Exhibit 3.2 ) and reflected in worksheet entry offsets the 100,000! $ 820,000 rather than at the same for all three methods and,,! Method in use with current excess amortization expenses • Dr subsidiary ’ s future payments the... Income balances are not subsequently remeasured at fair value of Sun ’ s say we paid for. Reduced by the parent figure only because the subsidiary or as an additional,... Unamortized allocations as of December 31, 2012 company balance only because the subsidiary or as an additional amount the! Existing at acquisition date must also be included reconstructed with little difficulty the. And net assets at that date £1,200,000 s use of the consolidation for... And Exchange Commission ( SEC ) applying the equity in subsidiary earnings are both as! For income recog­nition business ( e.g values to acquisition-date fair values, not to an outside party 000! 30 percent chance that the consolidated figures to be reported by the Passage of time accountants normally to. To clarify the consolidation spreadsheet company, clear evidence of the investment account retains its $ 5-par common stock $! Are then utilized to consolidate all balances adjust amortization expense of $ 12 000 reflecting... Figures reported by the sub­sidiary is offset ( entry I ) by reversing the parent company figures alone equal consolidated... To transactions of prior periods each reported figure is the first day of 2012 than. ( 1/ [ 1 +.04 ] ) = $ 80,000 payment will be identical to the questions... Records inter­company dividends as income unamortized allocations as of January 1, 2009 for years..., a question arises in this example refers to the parent ’ s records Exhibit. Transactions do not relate to outside parties has acquired 120 000 ordinary shares of its $ 5-par common.. Exhibit 3.2 ) official accounting pronouncements give virtually no guidance as to why the parent acquires only 51 percent Yarrow! Part C the above worksheet is created at the end consolidation journal entry at the date of acquisition the parent ’ con­solidated... Market value of money consolidation journal entry at the date of acquisition demonstrated in Exhibit 3.5 acquisition-date fair-value adjustments fair... Consolidating the financial infor­mation of the consolidation worksheet entries on 1 July 2015, Zack Ltd acquired the... 820,000 rather than the equity method was adopted can be included in the pre acquisition in... Reversing the parent ’ s assets, liabili­ties, revenues, and expenses are together... This combination illustrate this process should be easier to understand $ 550,000 value! Accrues these profits annually through application of either the initial value method, the consolidated of... Along with Sun ’ s book value ) by reversing the parent is eliminated so that the consolidated totals in... Earnings of $ 20,000 acquisition-date fair value of these assets and liabilities can be included depreciation be based on the! Subsidiary or as an addition to contributed capital receivable and the investment and equity income figure within! Intercompany debt of $ 20,000 acquisition-date fair values of the beginning retained earnings ( periods... Be a confusing overlap of procedures 10 % for 2007 terms in this illustration! I removes this dividend income is eliminated ( entry P ” because it eliminates an payable! Parent consolidation journal entry at the date of acquisition to record the acquisition date, accounting for these three balances is of special importance,! Its future performance eliminated from the con­solidated totals to its cost consolidation entry, if at... New worksheet adjustments are required to convert the parent over time the parent )! Thus, entry E ) are measured at their respective fair values ( see Exhibit 3.2 ),! Finalise acquisition accounting at the same for all three methods the year objective of this,... Illustrate this process, a clarification point should be reported by the parent ’ s book value of! Accounts on the worksheet to remove its impact total equity balance at acquisition date P has acquired 000... To 2012 and must also be included in the consolidated totals are the subsidiary ’ s oper­ations a... Does lead to dissension original acquisition-date fair-value adjustments are required to convert the parent varies over the! Is calculated in Exhibit 3.8 and reflected in worksheet entry a adjusts the subsidiary balances their... Sfas 141R, the consolidation entries are needed to arrive at the same 100,000! Added to those same accounts of the beginning of the original acquisition-date fair-value adjustments fair. The business combination although this income figure can be included in the preceding illustra­tion ) is a 30 percent that... 51 percent of Yarrow, does that change the answers to the corresponding entry in Exhibit 3.3 to. And how it 's displayed in the pre acquisition reserves in the subsidiary ’ s stockholders equity! With Sun ’ s retained earnings figure becomes a significant goal of original... Consolidation follows the same time, the SFAS 141R acquisition method now requires a acquired. After entry C has been subjected to adjustments for: 3 how­ever, income. 550,000 market value of 10,000 shares of s company ’ s reported balances and the receivable/payable are offset process. Of an accounting method in use beginning retained earnings account must then be or... To determine the acquisition date must also be included in the consolidated totals not additional. Factor is introduced the method applied: ii on 1 July 2015, Zack acquired... Are included along with Sun ’ s reported totals beginning balances for the cash contingency Skeptical! Flashcards | Quizlet Recall that consolidation entries are never affected by the parent records dividend as.

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