Duration, Modified Duration and convexity. Courses ME M.E Design Engineering The curriculum for the M.E. BITS offer programs at under-graduate, post-graudate, and doctoral programs in various disciplines of Science, Technology, Pharmacy, Economics and Management. For detailed programme information, download the brochure below. Randomness and Probability; Random Variables and Probability Models; Theoretical Probability Distributions; Sampling and Sampling Distributions; Estimation; Testing of Hypothesis in Case of Large and Small Samples; Chi – Square Test; F – Distribution and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA); Regression Analysis; Time Series Analysis; Index Numbers, Business Case Problems and applications. Overview of technical communication, verbal and non-verbal communication, elements of effective writing, technical report, technical proposal, research paper, dissertation, thesis, presentations and group discussions. The new language laboratory will be used to enable the students to listen to speeches by eminent leaders and renowned personalities who were/are able to attract the masses with their powerful speeches. Commercial Banks and risks faced by them. Marketing metrics. “BITS Pilani Dubai is the ideal place to find your voice, build a support system and get hands-on work experience in different fields. MBA G567 Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship 3 0 3. Problem Definition, Development of an approach to the Problem, Research Design formulation, Exploratory, Descriptive and experimental, Fieldwork & Data collection, Data preparation & Analysis, univariate, bivariate and multivariate statistical techniques, Report preparation and Presentation. Process Plant Safety. B.E. Comments and discussions will follow each presentation so as to provide the students opportunity to correct themselves. Design Engineering program and download course brochure. BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus M.E. Courses Taught. Basics of financial management, time value of money, valuation of securities, risk return and opportunity cost of capital, capital budgeting, WACC and company valuation, capital financing decisions – capital structure, working capital management, dividend decisions, Aspects of Mergers & Acquisitions, Risk Management, International Financing. The various courses under this programme may differ slightly with each campus. Hiragana Script, Katakana script, Pronunciation (Kana and Mora), vowels, accent, intonation. BITS Pilani is one of the top most colleges in India. AED 7920 is the one time fees to be paid. GS F223 Introduction to Mass Communication 3 0 3. (This course is extensively practice-oriented. Interaction between human and social situation; social environment and people and vice versa; fundamental theories; concepts; research methods in social psychology; past and present research related to social psychology; application of social psychological concepts to understand real life situation; social perception, social cognition; group dynamics; aggression; application of social psychology in law, health, and organizational sector; impact of social networking on life. You can set your own time table at BITS I'm in first year and my classes start at 8:00 After that it's different for different days and for individuals. Introduction to Cultural studies, Importance of cultural studies, types of cultural studies, relation to Critical theory, relation to Literary Criticism. MBA G557 Economic Environment of Business 3 0 3. MBA G543 Leading Modern Organizations 3 0 3. Self-introduction, Country, people and language; family names; department store; phones and letters, national holidays, food, family. The firm and it’s environment, Introduction to basic principles & methodology, Revenue of the firm, Demand analysis & estimation, Economic forecasting; Production, cost and profit maximization, Production analysis, Cost of production, Profit analysis of the firm; Markets and behavior of the firm (Perfect competition, Monopoly, Monopolistic competition, oligopoly), Factor markets & profit maximizing employment of variable inputs, Games, information and strategy, pricing and profit analysis; Sectoral Economics. AED 4450 is the visa … How many campuses does BITS Pilani have? B.E. TQM principles and practices; leadership; customer satisfaction; employee involvement; continuous process improvement; supplier partnership; performance measures; statistical process control; ISO 9000; benchmarking; quality function deployment; concurrent engineering; experimental design; Taguchi’s quality engineering; product liability. Theoretical guidelines also will be given to the students for achieving effectiveness in public speaking. B.E. Characteristics and dynamics of conflict, reasons for conflict; the value of conflict in social change; the different approaches to addressing and managing conflict; Examining the history and impacts of a conflict; exploring stakeholder power and relationship; assessment of options to address conflict; tools for determining the best strategy; incentive sand methods in getting stakeholders to collaborate; active listening; skills in mediation and facilitation; roles of mediator and facilitator in conflict management; dealing with emotions and difficult situations; planning and preparing for negotiations; improving negotiation skills; joint problem solving approaches; building agreements; building conflict management mechanisms and consensus-building strategies. Electrical & Electronics 4. Introduction to various risks: Market Risk, Credit Risk, Operational Risk, Liquidity risk & Model Risk. Biotechnology 8. Birla Institute of Technology and Science - [BITS],Pilani, Rajasthan has 50 Courses with Average Fees 4,02,575 per year. The meaning and history of human rights; Human rights debates and controversies; Political, civil, social and economic rights; Culture and human rights; Themes - Democracy, dictatorship, and human rights; Science, technology, and human rights; Ethnicity; Gender; Children’s rights and others; Evaluating the progress made and challenges in practice of human rights. (a) B.E. Nature and scope of economic science, its relationship with other social sciences; quantification of economic variables, theories of consumer behaviour and of the firm: linear economic models; market structures; social accounting and basic elements of economic planning. and Machine Foundation, Analysis and Design of FRP Reinforced Concrete Structures, Geosynthetics and Reinforced Soil Structure, Earthquake Resistant Design and Construction. Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani (BITS Pilani) is a deemed university and Institute of Eminence under Section 3 of the UGC Act 1956 for higher education and research in India. HSS F350 Human Rights: History, Theory & Practice 3 0 3. Courses. Designed and developed by fractal | ink design studios, Principles of Economics or Principles of Management, Design of reinforced  Concrete Structures, Multicriterion Decision Making in Engg. Strategic importance of Operations, Forecasting, Product planning, Management of Quality, Statistical Process Control, Process Strategy, Layout planning, Production Scheduling, Inventory Management, MRP, Supply chain Management: An Overview, Supply chain strategy, Supply chain performance measurement, Distribution networks, Order management and customer service, Sales and Operations Planning, Transportation, Digital Supply chain, IoT and Blockchain, Sustainability in Supply chain, Ethical supply chain. Evolving role of management in organizations and functional areas, Importance of leadership in modern day organizations, Various models and theories of leadership, Understanding leadership from four perspectives : Self- assessment of Individual Leadership through models of personal growth and effectiveness; Team Leadership: importance of motivation, building trust, managing crisis and communicating effectively for creating high performing teams: Organizational Leadership: Inspiring innovation and change, enabling changes effectively, ethical leadership and; understanding the situational factors of effective leadership in the Global Context, Ethical Leadership. Overview of communication, elements of effective writing, formal reports, types of reports, preparatory steps for writing reports, methods and sources of data, use of illustrations, oral presentation. B.E. BITS Pilani is famous for which course? CAT / GMAT score do the entrance to an MBA programme in BITS Pilani. ... BITS-Pilani, India. Polymer Technology. Option Pricing and understanding of various factors affecting option price. This internationally recognized institute has its campus in Dubai, with includes a 1-2 year course. Learning about thinking, deductive, inductive and abductive thinking, Convergent and Divergent thinking, Lateral thinking, Adverbial thinking, Parallel thinking; Creativity and Innovation, Problem definition, Theory of Constraints, 5 Why’s method, Principles of Design Thinking, enabling design thinking in teams, application of design thinking; Systems principle, Holistic thinking, Learning Organization, Integrative thinking. BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus(BPDC) is the branch campus of the internationally reputed Birla Institute of Technology and Science(BITS) Pilani, India and the largest Engineering institution in Dubai International Academic City. GS F331 Techniques in Social Research 3 0 3. The Institute has been recently granted the “Institution of Eminence” tag by MHRD, Govt. Topics will include some or all of the following: economic process; contemporary Indian planning and industry; political processes; Contemporary Indian political scene and Indian administration: India and the contemporary world; social processes: contemporary Indian educational scene; religion and caste system; Indian science; Indian women; cultural processes; contemporary Indian art, music, dance, theatre, cinema and literature. Arabic of basic level, Recognition of Arabic alphabets with its different writing patterns, Phonetics and peculiar Arabic sounds, Familiarity with the basic vocabulary, Familiarity with profession specific words and phrases, Grammar, Sentence patterns and expressions for daily communication, Reading, writing, listening and speaking skills at initial level, Focus on modern standard Arabic and its comparison with colloquial and local dialect, exercises and practice. Geotechnical Earthquake Engg. B.E. Page last updated on Nonfinancial metrics: Brand awareness, Test drive, Churn, Customer satisfaction (CSAT) and Take rate; Financial metrics: Profit, Net present value (NPV), Internal rate of return (IRR), Payback, Customer lifetime value (CLTV), Cost per click (CPC), Transaction conversion rate (TCR), Return on ad dollars spent (ROA), Bounce Rate and Word of mouth (WOM). Electronics & Communication 5. BITS has four campuses three in India (at Pilani, Goa, and Hyderabad) and the fourth in UAE (at Dubai) and also runs several programs for a large number of working professionals. Mechanical Engineering; B.E.(Hons.) The cut off required to get admission in Mechanical and Electrical courses at Pilani and Goa Campuses is around 350+. Concepts and techniques of project formulation, evaluation and implementation; Project planning and scheduling; Risk management; Time-cost trade off; Resource levelling and allocation; Project monitoring and control; Contract management. BITS Pilani, Dubai has nine buildings spanning over 14 acres: The Main Block Building of four floors has lecture rooms, professors chambers, two conference halls, a sports complex, an auditorium and technical labs. Design Engineering programme has been specially designed to ensure transformation of a mechanical engineering graduate into a full-fledged Design Engineer. MBA G560 Marketing Research & Metrics 3 0 3. GS F311 Introduction to Conflict Management 3 0 3. Mechanics of future, option & swap markets. Students would be asked to prepare and deliver a number of talks and presentations. Nature and scope of political science; emergence and basis of the state; rights and duties; forms of government; democracy, fascism, capitalism, socialism, anarchism, communism, Maoism, radicalism and Gandhism. Concept of development; statistical foundation of decisions; nutrition, disease and climate as influences on growth; critical importance of population; importance of agriculture, international trade and industry; cost- benefit analysis and planning process. It was set-up in the year 2000 to offer quality engineering education to the residents of UAE, Gulf and other Countries. These courses include projects which are oriented towards readings from published literature or books about new frontiers of development or analysis of available database. The campus is a twenty-minute car ride away from the heart of Dubai and takes an hour or two via public transportation- RTA Dubai Metro and Bus.. Out of all the campuses, Pilani is the main campus of the university. Concept of Risk. Bits Pilani Dubai UAE University offers courses like Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Managment courses etc. Concepts and techniques of financial management decision; concepts in valuation - time value of money; valuation of a firm's stock, capital asset pricing model; investment in assets and required returns; risk analysis; financing and dividend policies, capital structure decision; working capital management, management of cash, management of accounts receivable; inventory management, short and intermediate term financing, long term financial tools of financial analysis, financial ratio analysis, funds analysis and financial forecasting, operating and financial leverages. © 2020 Centre for Software Development,SDET Unit, BITS-Pilani, India. Management Science Approach to Problem Solving, Model Formulation and Graphical Solution, Computer Solution and Sensitivity Analysis, Modelling and Applications, The Simplex Method, Transportation Problem and its variants; Assignment Problem and its variants, Integer Programming and its Location; Goal Programming (GP); Loading and Machine scheduling; Distribution Problems; Waiting Lines and Queuing Theory Models, Simulation Modeling; Applications in Workforce Planning, Marketing, Investment, Healthcare Systems, Education and other business cases and applications. The BITS Pilani admissions to the integrated first-degree courses and higher degree courses are made through a computer based online test called BITSAT. Criteria for selection of a project; factor intensity; commercial profitability; national economic-profitability; limitations of market prices; estimation of shadow prices; linkup project appraisal to national objectives; McGaughey and Thorbeck approach; Little-Mirrlees method; UNIDO guidelines approach; limitations of the conventional project appraisal; towards a new framework for project appraisal. GS F244 Reporting and Writing for Media 3 0 3. Overview of Intercultural Communication, Intercultural Communication in the Global Workplace, Technology as cultural Power and Its Social Impact, Critical Issues and challenges in Intercultural Communication, Understanding interrelatedness among Religion, Family, Culture, Gender and Race. MBA G565 Information & Knowledge Management Systems 3 0 3. Computation of yield. BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus offers 4-year Integrated First Degree programs at the undergraduate level in the following seven fields: 1. B.E.(Hons.) Public Policy-meaning nature and types; approaches and models of public policy; nature of public process-process in the executive; parliamentary processes; processes to manage the ruling party-government interfaces; strategic thinking on the process of policymaking, judicial policy making. Creativity and Aesthetics; An overview of Major Movements in Literature and Cinema; Interpretation of Selected Works; Cinema & Art; Understanding Drama: Theme, Character, Plot, form; Understanding Poetry: Diction, Imagery, Symbolism, Structure and Form, Personification, Apostrophe, Sound and Rhythm; Understanding fiction: Setting, Point of View, Plot and Character; Understanding Short Fiction: Meaning and message, Style and Coherence; Understanding Cinema: Plot; Character; Screenplay; Linguistic, Social, Musical codes; Cinematic Codes; Camera Work. ECON F412 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management 3 0 3. Viewing marketing as a value creation process, Using a framework to analyze market opportunities Analysis, Situational Analysis, Understanding the buying-decision process of consumers, Selecting the target market and positioning the product, Developing an integrated marketing program, Designing products and services that deliver meaningful customer value, Using the "augmented" product as an antidote to commoditization , Capturing created value for the firm, Shifting from cost-based to value-based pricing, Planning the budget and media mix for marketing communications, Designing and managing the distribution channel, Positioning the internet as an effective online sales tool, Redefining strategy for the digital world, Understanding how digital and social media marketing contribute to a sustainable business strategy, Creating a strategic marketing plan, Anticipating and adapting to change, Ethical issues in marketing. A. HSS F232 Introduction to Development Studies 3 0 3. MBA G582 Creating & Leading Entrepreneurial Organizations 3 0 3, Fundamentals of entrepreneurship; elements of leadership; identifying business opportunities; market study and research; business plans; finance, issues in raising finance; venture capitalist evaluation of business plans, technical aspects for the, MBA G589 Enterprise Resource Planning 3 0 3. MBA G544 Organizational Theory & Behaviour 3 0 3. Evaluation components will be designed to assess the students’ ability to listen actively and speak effectively. Introduction to International Business, International Market, Cultural environment, Legal, political, economic and monetary aspects facing IB, Governments influence on trade via policies and instruments, Trade theory, Global Trade Protection and the Institutional Background, Global foreign exchange markets, trading process and benefits to IB, Determination of exchange rates, forex arrangements, role of IMF, forecasting and IB benefits, IB Strategy for sustainable value creation and profitability, Multinational corporation, Types of global strategies: integration & responsiveness, Export and import strategies: global & Indian context, Export - Import Procedures, Country evaluation and selection, Marketing globally & use of digital technologies, Global supply chain management, theory of FDI, Multinational Finance function, India specific analysis: Export Incentives, assistance, ECGC, export finance, role of banks and other institutions, Emerging market enterprise strategies. It offers courses to all Integrated First Degree Programs and Higher Degree Programs of BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus. Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Civil Engg. These courses must coterminate with project reports.

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