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By Georg Feuerstein, Larry Payne

El yoga ha proporcionado paz y salud a millones de personas desde hace casi cinco mil años, y tú también puedes enriquecerte con su práctica. Deportistas de élite, personas convalecientes de lesiones o enfermos con dolores crónicos encontrarán los ejercicios adecuados a sus necesidades. Tanto si eres principiante como si ya tienes experiencia, con esta segunda edición de Yoga para Dummies descubrirás el extraordinario potencial de tu cuerpo mientras fortaleces tu mente.

• Para empezar con buen pie — aprende rápidamente los aspectos fundamentales del yoga, tanto si asistes a clases como si practicas por tu cuenta.
• Las posturas básicas — con ayuda de ilustraciones y fotografías útiles, aprende las posturas sentadas, de pie, ejercicios de equilibrio, flexiones o rotaciones. 
• El arte (y el ejercicio) de los angeles relajación — aprende técnicas de relajación que funcionan y descubre cómo tener una actitud sana y practicar el yoga de forma segura para liberarte del estrés. 
• Las edades del yoga — proporciona equilibrio a los niños y adolescentes, encuentra rutinas fáciles para adultos y adapta el yoga a l. a. vida de los mayores. 
• Yoga y embarazo — hazte con las técnicas más modernas (y seguras) del yoga para el embarazo y el posparto.

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Increasingly it is being recognized that interconnecting networks of many types have a tendency to naturally organize themselves in such states when open to the flow of energy. How they behave appears to be solely due to the basic relational issue of how easy it is for an ordering or disordering influence at one point in the system to bring order or disorder to another point nearby. In addition, only the physical dimensions of the elements of the system and their basic geometric shape matter in effecting this influence and thus the behaviour of the system – nothing else.

All such therapies extol the value of waves of sound interwoven with waves of silence. In the Vedic tradition of ancient India, whose Sanskrit texts are probably the earliest written source of ancient wisdom, audible sound is either ahata, the physical expression of cosmic sound, or anahata. Whilst the former is heard by the ears, the latter can only be ‘heard’ in communion with transcendental realities. Anahata is also the name given by the same tradition to the heart chakra – recognizing that it is the heart that hears the archetypal Word of God.

And, as we free ourselves, we are empowered to fully embody the higher purpose of our soul and to consciously co-create the emergence of a new cosmic age – an age in which we all have the potential to real-ize that we are solar – or soular – heroes. The 8th chakra The earliest spiritual traditions perceived ego consciousness as mediated through seven energetic vortices that they called ‘chakras’. In recent years, this ancient wisdom has become much more widely known and accepted. Collectively, however, we know at a deep level that our personal energy field of seven chakras is incomplete.

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