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By Thrangu Rinpoche

Whilst the Buddha taught, he stated that attaining enlightenment is due totally to receiving right teachings after which how diligently one implements those teachings.
One may perhaps ask, how does this entire exceptional international paintings? The Buddha taught that all of it follows the method of interdependent origination during which one motion or occasion motives one other occasion, which explanations one other occasion etc.
In own phrases interdependent origination explains how our happiness and discomfort in our current existence is the results of activities in our earlier lives. This strategy proceeds via twelve hyperlinks and every of those hyperlinks or words is defined intimately right here.

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This is how reality is presented in the sutras. From an u ltim ate p o in t o f view, however, there is no “o n e ” essence to be found, and relatively everything has its existence th ro u g h the play o f in terdependence. To show how one thing depends upon another for its nature, we can look at two sticks o f incense, one o f which is about two inches long and one o f which is four inches long. The two-inch stick is the short one, while the four-inch stick is the long one. However, when we take away the two-inch stick and put the four-inch stick next to a six-inch stick, we see that now the four-inch stick is the short one and the sixinch stick is the long one.

Similarly, virtuous actions will always produce a similar result, happiness. Unvirtuous actions will always give rise to a similar result, misery. There is the infallible process which takes place and there is a specific correspondence between the cause and the nature o f the result. The Eight Examples In o rd e r to h elp us u n d e r s ta n d th is m o re s u b tle p rocess o f i n te rd e p e n d e n c e , we will ex am in e a series o f e ig h t exam ples. Interdependence means that because o f one thing another thing takes place.

If we go back to the example o f the flower, we know that a particular seed is the necessary cause for a certain flower to manifest. But the quality o f the soil, the humidity, the light and heat will also affect the production and quality o f the flower. They are not the fundamental causes, but they affect the growth, the character, and the size o f the flower to a great extent. The first link was ignorance. Ignorance is not just there by itself. W hat comes into play are our own senses and the quality o f the m ind that is present simultaneously with ignorance.

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