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By Isuna Hasekura

Arriving within the city of Lenos, Lawrence and Holo take a respite from their travels north - yet a real businessman by no means rests! it is not lengthy ahead of a chance for revenue provides itself to Lawrence, person who may well satisfy his desires of possessing his personal institution. yet as constantly, the promise of serious gift consists of nice possibility - and hazard is rarely more than whilst one plans to take advantage of a wisewolf as collateral! As Lawrence and Holo believe the binds binding them stretched skinny, has the time come for the pair to move their separate methods?

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About half of them have come from afar to buy up furs. The other half deal in the materials needed for tanning and treat­ ing furs and skins. Let's see . " They were the most common materials needed for tanning work. Pigeon droppings strangely were also used. If the skins were to be dyed, many more goods would be needed. "That sounds right, yes:' Lawrence thought back to Arold's words. There was no question that the Council of Fifty's meeting had something to do with the fur trade. "And you wanted to know why all those merchants are camped out there, right?

The melted-snow clarity of her high spirits clashed with the swamplike stickiness of her wit. Lawrence could not bring himself to look at her. It was when she didn't toy with him that he became flustered. What have I said, he wanted to cry out. Why, it was tantamount to outrightly declaring that he wanted her attention above all else! "What's this? Your circulation seems to have improved;' said Holo. Indeed, Lawrence could not stop the flush that rose to his face. He covered his eyes with his free hand, wanting to at least show some shame that he'd not realized the true implications of what he was saying.

47 Then Lawrence looked back at the two men. Even from this dis­ tance, he could see the merchant give what seemed to be his final word on the subject to the sailor. " 'In that case, you and those furs can just wait on the outcome of the meeting; " said Holo, opening her eyes. Was it too far-fetched to consider if he was merely standing on Holo's shoulders? Lawrence wondered. "There are many conversations like this one. I'd say . . four. Taxes are too high. Northern campaign. Town imports-and so on:' Holo scraped the meat out of a clam as she spoke.

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