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By John Bliven Morin

Hallenge Pirates and Haradrim as you sail around the Bay of Belfalas. trip to Lebennin, the "Place of 5 Waters", the province within the middle of Gondor. Weigh anchor in Pelargir, jewel of the potent Anduin river. Now domestic to the Royal Fleet, it's the best port within the state, and the imperative concentration of the fight opposed to the Haradan privateers and the Corsairs of Umbar.


- PELARGIR, port urban of the Faithful
- TOLFALAS, the gorgeous isle of fire
- LEBENNIN, the Province of the 5 Rivers
- THE MOUTHS OF THE ANDUIN, the eerie delta at the Bay of Belfalas.

In Pelargir the trustworthy of Numenor equipped their new houses, and during this amazing harbor Castimir the Usurper grew to become Lord of the Corsairs throughout the bloody Kin-strife. right here, Aragorn seized the Black Fleet which grew to become the tide on the conflict of Pelennor Fields.


- eight FULL-COLOR PAGES: a gorgeous four web page urban map of Pelargir, and four pages of nearby maps.
- significant LAYOUTS: the cities and citadels of Lebennin, the watch-towers of Tolfalas, and the hidden haunts of the Mountain Folk.
- CORSAIRS AND SEA-LORDS: the 2 adversaries looking keep watch over of the important sea-lanes of the Bay of Belfalas.
- send PLANS: deck perspectives, requisites, and instructions for sea adventures.

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A changeling with a Wyrd of three could remove an object with a maximum Size of six, while a changeling with a Wyrd of six could remove objects of up to Size 12, which allows them to remove both cars and small boats from a reflection. Any object or living being removed from a reflection is an exact mirror image of the actual object or person — the reflection of a car has the steering wheel on the other side and all lettering, including the license plate, is also reversed. However, sound is not reversed, and so the reflection of a CD sounds the same as 38 Chapter One: The Third Act the actual CD.

This Contract affects reflections. Mirrors and reflections feature prominently in a number of Faerie stories, and since the Contracts of Mirror (Changeling: The Lost, pp. 129–132) already exist, a Contract involving reflections is a fairly obvious choice. The first step in making this Contract would be for the changeling interested in forging it to make a pledge of lesser alliance with reflections. Then, to convince reflections to help forge the Contract, the character must make a pledge to perform a greater endeavor for that aspect of reality and sacrifice one permanent dot of Willpower to sanctify the pledge.

They may affect the senses, provide the changeling with information about his surroundings, provide a bonus to one action, apply a minor effect to one target, or the like. Two and three-dot clauses often have significantly larger effects, such as allowing the changeling to affect multiple nearby targets or a single distant target. Two-dot clauses can provide the changeling with more detailed information or produce more substantial physical effects. Two-dot clauses are also the first clauses that should allow the user to gain information about objects, people, or locations well out of the range of her senses.

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