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The city-state of Korvosa, biggest in all Varisia, has prospered during the last century because its abandonment by way of its founding state of Cheliax. Its port brims with black-and-red-flagged ships - the colours of either Korvosa and Cheliax - eternally buying and selling fineries from the south for Varisian curiosities and her land's normal bounty. As such, Korvosa rightfully claims to be the main cultured and civilized urban within the quarter, but viewers may also furnish the city-state the titles of so much decadent, exploitative, and socially stratified. This publication serves as an exhaustive advisor to town, together with information on all significant attractions, profiles at the city's movers and shakers, and numerous experience hooks for enterprising GMs to extend upon.

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Hessim, Newby, and Sage Paint Manufactory: This curious place is a twisted and sagging shopfront that displays hundreds of tiny jars and pots, brushes, canvases, and easels. Even from the street, the building smells of turpentine, linseed, and oil. For the past 108 years, the manufactory of Hessim, Newby, and Sage has made the rich pigments of Old Korvosa into paint, a fact the trio of smiling, ingratiating elderly owners is proud of. The three men are incredibly short and wear thick optics to see.

Commandant of the Sable Company: Whenever a new monarch ascends to the Crimson Throne, tradition dictates that the commandant of the Sable Company reaffirm the company’s loyalty to the crown and the person who wears it. The commandant typically makes this pledge of fealty within the first month of the new monarch’s reign, although he does have the option of delaying or even refusing the ceremony. A newly appointed commandant is also expected to make this pledge. Despite the pledge of fealty, the commandant of the Sable Company does not answer to the city’s leader, but rather to Castle Korvosa’s seneschal.

Sable Company Founding Day, 6 Pharast: A formal celebration marked by a parade and displays of martial prowess, this somber holiday is one of few that precludes alcohol. 3. Breaching Festival, last Sunday of Desnus: See the Breaching Festival sidebar. 4. Day of Destiny Festival, 3 Sarenith: Held to be the day Emperor Halleck IV signed the charter that eventually became Korvosa, celebrants of this holiday toast the city’s health with cheap but abundant liquor. 5. Riverwind Festival, 22 Sarenith: At the start of summer, the prevailing winds shift for a few weeks, bringing a cool breeze down from the Mindspin Mountains.

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