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By B. K. S. Iyengar

During this vintage yoga best-seller a world-renowned yoga grasp stocks the suggestions of respiring including a finished heritage of yoga philosophy. B. okay. S. Iyengar is a legend who has practiced yoga in a special method, and this present day "Iyengar Yoga" is taught around the globe via qualified instructors.

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The Afahlinariiyanopani�ad ( 71}-- 1 5 ) desc r i be s food (anna) as the pri­ mary requ isite w i t hou t which man cannot develop his a nat om i cal body to the sp i ritu al level. It is s tated that the sun rad i ates heat which evaporates wa ter . The vap our becomes clouds from which rain falls to the earth. Man tills the ea rth and produces food which, when consumed, creates the energy th a t maintains \'igour. Vigour e ng e n d e rs discipl ine, which develops th e faith th a t gives knowledge; knowledge bestows l e a r n i ng , which brings com­ posure that creates c al m ness ; calmness establishes equanimity, wh i ch develops memory that i nduces recognition; recogn ition b r i n gs j ud geme n t, which leads to the realisation of the 'Self'.

23. According to Tannic texts, the object of P ranayama is to arouse the latent power (sakti) called ku�dalinr, the divine cosmic energy in our bodies, lying at the base of the spinal column in miiladhara chakra, the nervous plexus situated in the pelvis above the anus at the rom of the spine. This energy has to be aroused and made to ascend through the su�um:t;�a from the miilildhara chakra to the thousand-petalled lmus (sahasrara) in the head, the net-work of nerves in the brain. Afte r piercing the intervening c hakra s , it finally unites with the Supreme Sou l .

Asanas bring health, beauty, str eng th , firmness, l ightne ss, clarity of spe ech and expression, calmnes s of the nerves and a happy disposition. Their prac t ice can be compared ro the growth of a ma ngo tree. If the tree has grown sound and healthy, its essem;:e is to be fou nd in its fru it. Likewise, the essence d is t illed from practising asanas is the spiritual awakening of the s a dhak a. He is free from all dualities. 1 5 . There is a popular misconception that both asanas and pra�ayllma should be practised together from the time Yoga-sadhana is begun.

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