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By Nigel South

This authoritative review of gear and society this day examines: even if a means of `normalization' of substances and drug use is lower than means; the talk over prohibition as opposed to laws; `drugs' and `users' as `other' or `dangerous'; medicines and dance cultures; drug use between younger women; pictures of `race' and medication; clinical responses to medicinal drugs; policing suggestions and controlling drug clients; drug keep an eye on and activity; and the query of prohibition as opposed to liberalization.

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O n 1 October the Sun r a n a feature w h i c h set o u t a glossary of A d d H o u s e terminology a n d invited r e a d e r s to p u r c h a s e a Smiley logo T-shirt. However, only a w e e k later t h e p a p e r ' s resident doctor Vernon C o l e m a n w a s w a m i n g about the d a n g e r s of Ecstasy, followed b y a p l e t h o r a of t h e p r e d i c t e d h e a d l i n e s , of w h i c h DICING WITH A COCKTAIL OF DEATH (Daily Star, 2 N o v e m b e r 1988) a n d MR BIG BEHIND THE LATEST FRENZIED POP PARTY CULT (Daily Mirror, 2 N o v e m b e r 1988) are b u t t w o examples.

For the p u r p o s e s of t h e Act, a r a v e is defined as ' a g a t h e r i n g o n l a n d in the o p e n air of 100 p e r s o n s or m o r e . . at w h i c h amplified m u s i c is played d u r i n g t h e night . . a n d is such as, b y reason of its l o u d n e s s a n d duration a n d t h e t i m e at w h i c h it is played, likely to cause serious distress to the inhabitants of t h e locality'. This does not a p p l y to e v e n t s w h e r e public or private licences h a v e b e e n granted.

Once t h e m o d era g a v e w a y to psychedelia in 1966, there w a s little in the w a y of a distinctive club culture in L o n d o n to take its place. Rock m u s i c quickly o u t g r e w clubs a n d b e c a m e first c a m p u s a n d then arenabased. W h a t r e m a i n e d w e r e the m a i n s t r e a m discotheques, such as the Speakeasy a n d Blaises, v e n u e s for t h e rock aristocracy a n d r e g u l a r clubs such as t h e M a r q u e e , t h e 100 C l u b , Klooks Kleek a n d others w h i c h p r o v i d e d t h e l a u n c h p a d for u p a n d c o m i n g b l u e s / r o c k b a n d s .

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