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By Sean Jaffe, Chris Adams, Liz Holliday

The roleplaying video game of real time shuttle is now to be had. in case you may discover ways to span time at will, what kind of civilization could you be getting into? Hailed by means of the SciFi Channel as "Unusual", this new video game breaks all of the previous saws of time go back and forth and takes a clean, incisive strategy that has surprised gamer and tough SF lovers alike.

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In the game, it is expressed as a number from zero on up. Characters all have a Span rating, but so do all things throughout spacetime. Anything that cannot traverse time has a Span of Zero. People who cannot traverse time are called levellers, since by their nature they are forced to remain in the unfolding present. • All spanners have a Span of 1 or higher. For game purposes, use rhe Span table to determine the distance able to Span. Terminology Across Time People who can traverse time are called spanners, or cmonies.

Keeping close records is also vitally important during Time Combat [see pg. 117]. Regaining Span This is done by resting for one day. A "day of rest" is defined as one 24-hour period of regular (level) activity with no use of Span, which includes at least one eight-hour period of peaceful uninterrupted sleep. Use of the Dreaming skill [ppg. 20, 108] would be considered an interruption, though normal dreams are certainly part of peaceful sleep. For game purposes, Span is not regained incrementally, but all at once at the end of the required rest period.

These limits are primarily ones of convenience, since a Span One can travel hundreds of years through time it will just take him hundreds of days, due to the need to rest. It's the difference between Columbus sailing to America, and flying there on a jet. Ultimately, Age becomes a factor. Higher Spans normally have access to life-extending technologies, since they've earned it. The time between spans is usually no less than a heartbeat. While the act of spanning itself defies the speed of light, human decision-making is naturally slower.

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