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By H. David Coulter

Anatomy of Hatha Yoga--revised and up-to-date with complete colour illustrations and photos--is the main finished and authoritative paintings on hand correlating the research of hatha yoga with anatomy and body structure. it's a must-have for someone who's enthusiastic about learning or educating yoga, and a useful source for someone in a box in terms of actual conditioning. the writer holds a PhD in Anatomy and was once a sought-after professor, instructor and yoga practitioner for over thirty years. He lived and taught on the Himalayan Institute for Yoga technological know-how and Philosophy, and the college of Minnesota and Columbia college clinical schools.

The e-book is exclusive within the literature, combining the breadth and intensity of a textbook with the clarity, humor and circulate of the nice technology writers of our time, whereas bridging the distance among biomedicine and complementary medication. In it, you can find a finished evaluate of yoga anatomy and body structure, with specific emphasis at the musculoskeletal, frightened, and cadiovascular systems.

The e-book offers the anatomy of yoga in medical phrases, whereas even as respecting its rules. the writer discusses the elemental premises of hatha yoga with foundational fabric authorised in biomedical sciences, expressly fending off touch upon non-physical options akin to prana and the chakras. Postures are mentioned intimately and depicted in first-class caliber colour pictures, observed through anatomical diagrams to demonstrate severe tactics and muscular tissues.

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Ether and Air together constitute vata; Fire and W ater, pitta; W ater and Earth, kapha. Soul (Atman) W e have discussed the five elements. N o w w e will shift our attention to soul, the sixth o f the nine causative substances according to Vaisheshika. A ccord in g to Vaisheshika, soul is eternal; u niversal; o f tw o kinds, in d ivid u a l a n d su prem e (jivatman and param atm an); inferred; and indivisible. It is a substratum or phenom enon o f Consciousness. Consciousness evolves because soul or spirit exists.

The four sources o f valid knowledge according to Nyaya are accepted by Ayurveda. However, other philosophies present inform ation th a t is slig h tly different. Nyaya and Vaisheshika 11 Chapter One measured with a thermometer. The skin looks red and feels hot. Ordinary pratyaksha is that which can be experienced by direct p e rc e p tio n throu gh the senses. E x tra ord in ary p ercep tio n th rou gh a s s o c ia tio n an d in tu ition is d e v e lo p e d th rou gh persistent yogic and Ayurvedic practice in daily observation.

T h e secon d p r o o f is anumana. A n u m an a in vo lv es in feren ce and co gn ition based on som e previou s know ledge or experience. W herever there is smoke, there will be fire. Ten miles aw ay behind the mountain there is a big cloud o f sm ok e. W e h a v e n ot seen the fire but h a ve p revio u s ex p erien ce that sm oke and fire g o together. W e h ave seen p eo p le dying. H en ce w e draw inference that man is mortal. Ayurveda can use inference to see which dosha is aggravated. For example, w e can say that wherever there is inflammation, there is pitta.

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