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By Trevor Kletz

This identify seems at how humans, rather than know-how and pcs, are arguably the main unreliable issue inside crops, resulting in risky events.

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At Aisgill in the Pennincs in 1913, 14 people were killed and the driver, who survived, was imprisoned6. He was distracted byproblemswith his engineand 38 ACCIDENTS CAUSED BY SIMPLE SLIPS the Inquiry criticized the management for the strictness with which they punished delay and incorrecttreatment of engines. As a result of this policy driverswere more afraidofbeing late thanofhavingan accident. At Harrowin 1952, 112 people, including the driver, were killed. The driveris the personmost atrisk and many other drivershavebeenkilled in this way,so theyhaveno incentive to break the rules, but accidents still occur.

17(a)). The operatorknew whatto do, butforsomereasondidnotdo it. The accidentwasputdown as due to humanfailing and theoperatorwas told to be more carefulinfuture. 17(b) which is not dependent for correct operation on someone tightening it up to the full extent. The accident could be prevented by better design. 11 Everydaylife (and typing) A man whose telephonenumber is 224 4555 gets frequentcalls for a doctor whosenumberis 224 5555. It seems that peoplelook up the doctor's number, say 'four fives' to themselves and then key a four, followedby several fives.

In an unusually houseproud mood, she cleaned the bedroombefore going early to bed one night. She wokethe next morning at six o'clock and, finding she couldn't getback to sleep, decided to get up and washher hair. 18). The clock had obviously had its day and was going haywire but Eileen went to the bedroomto check. On first glance the time was now twentyto sevenbut closer examination showed that the clockwas upside down! 18). To prevent a similar incidenthappening again she could change the hardware — modify the top of the clock so that it could not be put down upside down — orchangethe software—that is, give up dusting!

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