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By Glen Marston, David T. Schiller

The yankee Civil conflict Recreated in color photos

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Welcome the Hour of Conflict: William Cowan McClellan and the 9th Alabama

Brilliant and vigorous letters from a tender accomplice in Lee’s military. within the spring of 1861 a 22-year-old Alabamian did what lots of his buddies and co-workers have been doing—he joined the accomplice military as a volunteer. the 1st of his relatives to enlist, William Cowan McClellan, who served as a personal within the ninth Alabama Infantry regiment, wrote hundreds and hundreds of letters through the conflict, usually penning for associates who couldn't write domestic for themselves.

The Story the Soldiers Wouldn't Tell: Sex in the Civil War

First e-book to hide all elements of sexuality in the course of the Civil struggle. in response to region unique resources, together with the warriors' jokes, songs, letters, and diaries.

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