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By J. G. Fitton, Bridget Gilfillan Upton

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1984). Inclusions with the least radiogenic Nd isotopic composition were entrained by kimberlitic and alkaline magmas erupted through old stable cratonic regions (Menzies & Murthy 1980b; Cohen et al. 1984; Menzies & Halliday 1984; Richardson et al. 1984). Diopsides sepa- -10 I -15 I -20 I -25 I s -30 I Nd ] ] ULTRAMAFIC O~LSOUTH AFRICA XENOLITHS (Lithosphere) F TANZANIA 1 CALIFORNIA- i ] COL::A:~N-A NEW MEXICO I ...... 5100 143Nd / 144Nd FIG. 5. Nd isotopic variation in host magmas and mantle inclusions erupted through stable cratons, in rift valleys and ocean basins.

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