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Measure resistance on terminal of every single injecter, that Will result between 14 and 18 Ohm. Check on single connectors of injec. t o r s WIRING SIDE, that one of two pins is connected to terminal 87a of S12a relay and the other to pin 3 of CU connecter. NO NO Replace faulty injectors. I -- 1’ nestore wiring. TEST No. 7 Octdber 1988 00~35111 PA327900883301 COMPLETE CAR TEST No. 7 r ‘CHECK OF +12 V PIN 2 AiUD PIN 7 OF CU ,fLlfq Disconnect infeqtron CU conpector. With ‘igniiion key on RUN position, check presence of + 12 V between CU connectdr pin 2 and ground.

Wiring. Check integrity of fuse No. 2. b main relay shoe terminal 30 and ground. 1 1 1 OYES With ignition keyin RUNposition,check presance of + 12Von G67 connection pin 2. If necessary, restons wiring. b relay shoe terminal 30 and CU connecter pin 2. g. wiring between G67 connection and G99a connection, between G99a connection and Gl fuse holder box, integrity of fuse No. 7 and relevant supply from starting l block. ~ c With ignition key in RUN position check presence of + 12 V between CU connecter pin 7 and ground.

7 engines with catalytic convertor only. At km stated on “Chart of vehicle Maintenance Operations” replace lambda probe as follows: 2 . Loosen clamp @ b o l t . ~ 3. Unscrew the three bolts on flange @ contiecting catalytic muffler and exhaust manifolds. 1 Laibda p r o b e 4. On installation, spread the probe body thread with grease R. 1005 and tighten iifully 5. Reconnectthewiringofthelambda 4. ~ PA3335kJ883300 Lambda probe resistance connecter 1 2 Lanibda probe signal connecter probe. 00-l 7 May 1 9 8 8 COMPLETE CAR CHECK ON AIR SUPPLY SISTEM TIGHTNESS DOWNSTREAM FROM THE AIR FLOW SENSOR b.

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