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By Edward Jablonski

Within the rather short interval of WWII the plane developed from a interest right into a decisive think about army considering.

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By 1931 there were four fighter squadrons, three bombardment squadrons, who had He charmed them for the Air Force, Seeckt figures and eight observation squadrons. While the might not have been impressive and they were not supposed to be — — they contained within A NATION OF FLIERS them hundreds most of them of future air leaders, There were other even obvious developments. less In 1926 also the Deutsche Lufthansa Aktiengesell- was created schaft tal enterprise. Lufthansa combined two of Germany's unstable financially and Aero-Lloyd Deutsche Junkers airlines, Luftverkehr.

Thirty Julow over Warsaw to deliver the incendiaries leashing their 52s flew into the churning clouds of flame, dust, and smoke. These clumsy suited for their assignment; craft debris, mortar were not ideally the incendiary bombs , BLITZKRIEG 32 immediate demand was made by Eighth Army head- quarters for the cessation of the bombing, but Hitler, who had flown to the battle zone in his own Ju-52, instructed Richthofen to continue over the protests of Brauchitsch. By And morning Warsaw lay under a late smoke still smoke and of incendiaries By destruction.

But his next the determined British and the reluctant French appeasement had come September afternoon, to 3, Poles and the campaign had gone the reasonably small cost. This may have been small comfort to the families of the 13,- smoothly and at a 981 Germans import to the 30,322 maimed and httle policy of wounded. The Polish casualty figures savage and Neville Chamberlain informed the world that Britain fight against "brute force, bad faith, injustice, oppression and per- and of killed in the Polish invasion Germany 1939, the tired voice of to war upon if an end and on Sunday had declared war upon Germany prescience Hitler had turned this double-front his The decided to honor their promise to fight violated the independence of Poland.

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