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Werbungskosten. Gesamtdarstellung mit Leitsatz-Datenbank

Das Werk erläutert umfassend die Werbungskosten, die im Einkommensteuerrecht eine zentrale Rolle spielen und häufig Anlass zum Streit mit den Finanzbehörden geben. Ergänzt wird das Buch durch eine Leitsatz-Datenbank mit wichtigen vom BFH entschiedenen Einzelfällen - jeweils mit Verweis auf die Volltextentscheidung.

Die Europäische Aktiengesellschaft (SE) : Recht, Steuern, Beratung

Die Europäische Aktiengesellschaft ist eine interessante Gestaltungsalternative für internationale Konzerne und für Mittelständler, die grenzüberschreitend in Europa aktiv sind oder werden wollen. Damit wird die Europäische Aktiengesellschaft als replacement Rechtsform in der Beratungspraxis immer wichtiger.

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2 summarizes the level of damage and losses in the healthcare sector in the two provinces of Yogyakarta and Central Java. 5 trillion, and the estimated losses are about Rp 21 billion. About 65% of these total damage and losses is suffered by private practices and hospitals. 3 million inhabitants in 11 districts were affected by the earthquake of May 2006. The area is geographically limited but densely populated. The destructive earthquake resulted in over 5,700 deaths, almost 38,000 people injured and nearly157,000 houses destroyed.

The original voids of the ‘nat’ method were filled with concrete, and surface painted to camouflage the new material. The water-soluble parts of the concrete lead to one of the main conservation problems at Prambanan temple today. Decades later, the reconstruction of the other temples followed: Brahma temple (1987), Wisnu (Vishnu) temple (1991) and the three Wahana (vehicles) temples; namely Garuda, Nandi and Angsa. Some smaller temples were also restored in 1993 (UNESCO, 2004). All restoration used reinforced concrete, but later efforts included isolating the concrete from the original structure using araldite tar.

Equations for the Estimation of Strong Ground Motions from Shallow Crustal Earthquakes Using Data from Europe and the Middle East: Horizontal Peak Ground Acceleration and Spectral Acceleration”, Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, Vol 3, 1-53, 2005 Ambraseys, N. , Sarma, S. , and Smit, P. D Thesis, Univ. , Engdahl, E. , and Satyabala, S. , "Partial and Complete Rupture of the Indo-Andaman Plate Boundary 1847-2004" Seismological Research Letters, Vol 76, 299-311, 2005 Böhm, C. , “Experts mission to Prambanan and Borobudur World Heritage Sites”, ETH Zurich, 2004 Darragh, R.

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