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By George Siouris

Aerospace Avionics structures: a latest Synthesis is the 1st new textbook on inertial navigation because the mid-1970s. This far-reaching, up to date, and seriously illustrated quantity meets the desires of first-year graduate scholars in aeronautical engineering in addition to the calls for of execs requiring present details. The well-respected writer offers a balanced blend of concept and updated perform and alertness in inertial navigation, devoting the biggest volume of house to themes that would be worthy to so much readers or that aren't accurately or basically handled somewhere else within the technical literature.

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And O,, is thc earth's sidereal rotation ratie. From Eq. 431 wherc 4 is the geographic latitude and h is the longitude. As we have seen above, the wander angle (I is the amount that the platform framc has rotated out of the gcogr;~phicframe. :Ig wherc cosn <;=[siSI T h c ratc of change tor a sinu c;(. 44) where w,, describes the motion of the pli)tfortn relativz to the geographic coordinate system. , (u~,,=w,,). That is,, w,, results from the input torque applied t o the platform by the system.

The Euler angles (I), 0, yr) correspond to thc convcntional roll pitch yaw angles. For cxamplc, the heading (yaw) of an aircraft is displayed to the pilot on a heading indicator, such as the heading situation indicator (HSI). while the pitch and roll of the aircraft arc indicalcd o n an attitude indicator, such as the attitude direction indicator (AT)[). It should be pointed out, however. that the Euler angles are not uniquely defined. since therr is a n inlinitr sct o f choices. llnforlunately, there are no FIGURE 2-4 Body axes dctincd rclalivc to incrtial axcs hy lluler's i~nglcs 0.

13. Geodetic t o Earth-Centered Earth-Fixed (ECEF) Coordinate Transformation Origin Vehicle center of mass. As we havc x e n in Sections 2. 1 5 . the geodetic coordinates are dcfined by the parameters A. :~nd/I. r, axis passes ihrough the Greenwich Meridian. and rhe y, axis is 90' to the right o f t h e axis, forming a right-handed rotation. x, and t h e y , axes are in the equatorial plane. Therefore, in the general case, where / I # 0, thc transformalion from thc geodetic coordinates t o the ECEF coordini~lescan he competed as follows: Ovientation A.

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