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The breakdown of methional, a Strecker degradation product of methionine, was investigated closely by Ballance (1961). Heating with ninhydrin, the chief product was methyl mercaptan, with traces of acrolein and dimethyl sulfide also present. Ballance suggested that methionine from foods such as meat can break down beyond methional [which itself can have a cheesy-brothy flavor (Patton, 1956; Patton and Barnes, 1958)] to the more strongly odorous methyl mercaptan, and so contribute to the volatile sulfur compounds formed on cooking.

Reducing sugar was not detectable in the extract. Macy et (iZ. (1964b) analyzed the water extract from fresh beef muscle before and after heating. 5 mg after heating. Anserine and carnosine made up 56% of the total in both unheated and heated extract, quantitatively next in order being alanine and taurine. 09 mg). Heating least affected the fructose content, nearly halved the glucose, and reduced ribose to a trace. An increase in phosphoethanolamine content upon heating of beef extract suggested to Macy e t al.

It is ordinarily present after 3 weeks of storage at room temperature; after 6 months if stored under nitrogen. Offflavor also develops if the freeze-dried meat is frozen, and it is detected and intensified when cooked. It has been variously described as autoxidized fat flavor or cardboard flavor. Nonenzymatic browning and lipid oxidation reactions during freeze-drying of food products have been discussed by Karel(1963). MEAT FLAVOR D. CURED 21 AND SMOKED hlEAT There is as y e t no information as to how much of the distinctive flavor of cured or smoked meat is caused by the curing or smoke ingredients and how much is developed in the meat (Wilson, 1960; Landmann and Batzer, 1966).

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