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By Benjamin Bederson, Alexander Dalgarno

Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics , proven in 1965, keeps its culture of excellence with quantity 32, released in honor of Founding Editor Sir David Bates upon his retirement as editorof the sequence. This quantity offers stories of subject matters regarding the purposes of atomic and molecular physics to atmospheric physics and astrophysics.

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Sil, N. , and Mandal, P. (1982). Phys. Rep. 87, 313. , and Ghosh, A. S. Phys. Rev. A 23, 743. Hewitt, R. , Noble, C. , and Bransden, B. H. J. Phys. B 23,4185. Hewitt, R. , Noble, C. , and Bransden, B. H. J. Phys. B 24, L635. Hewitt, R. , Noble, C. , and Bransden, B. H. J. Phys. B 25, 557. Hewitt, R. , Noble, C. , and Bransden, B. H. J. Phys. B 25,2683. Hewitt, R. , Noble, C. , and Bransden, B. H. J Phys. B 26, in press. , and Burke, P. G. J. Phys. B 24, L343. , Burke, P. , and Walters, H. J. R.

19 21 23 25 26 28 29 33 35 35 I. Introduction Positronium formation by positron impact on atoms is an important example of a rearrangement process, which has become of increasing theoretical interest since the development of improved positron sources has made measurement of the formation cross sections possible (Charlton and Laricchia, 1990; Charlton, 1985). , 1992). , 1990). 19 Copyright Q 1994 by Academic Press. Inc. All rights of reproduction in any form reserved. ISBN 0-12-003832-3 20 B.

1986),crosses; Diana et al. (1986), solid circles. of inefficiencies in detecting positrons scattered through large angles following ionization. The effect of positronium formation on direct excitation is significant for E < IWeV, but less marked than for the more weakly bound targets of H and Li. The calculated cross section for excitation of the n = 2 levels of He is about 40% larger than the measured values (Sueoko, 1989),but the energy variation of the cross section is well represented. 111.

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