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" This booklet comprises genuine, common knowledge. once we all detect the "oneness" of this universe and our interconnectedness on a truly literal point, we will start to know the way and WHY our thoughts/actions do have an effect on everyone/everything else, and, in flip, how that back impacts US. This society is falling aside simply because we proceed to think in our separateness. this pretty booklet breathtakingly conveys not just how, yet why, to seem within ourselves for the sunshine (read "goodness/enlightenment/god-knowledge/energy")that is really and uniquely inside of each folks to assist us as our lives/souls spread. If our kids may perhaps commence, on the youngest of a while, to improve a feeling in their personal own strength and inventive (meaning to create) power, and will recognize deeply the sensation of non-public peace and pride at their very own accomplishments, each may notice that training bigotry, humiliation, aggression, greed or this type of negativity is harmful such a lot of all to the offender. The solutions are all the following. this article is brilliantly written and will appear initially extra incomprehensible than it truly is. could that extra humans may perhaps learn and digest this marvelous paintings. "

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The distinction between the "desire for growth," and the unfoldment that comes to the advancing soul lies in the motive. "Desire for growth," in the relative sense, means desire for growth for self-glorification-a subtle form of vanity-and a refined form of selfish ambition. And this desire, as applied to spiritual, tends toward what occultists know as "black magic," which consists of a desire for spiritual power to use for selfish ends, or even for the mere sense of power that such development brings.

6. Kill out all senae of separateness. 6. Kill out desire for lensation. 7. Kill out the hunger for growth. 8. Yet etand alone and iealated, becauae aothin that is smbadktl, nothing that in c o u c l w of rparation, notkng that ie out of the eternal can aid you. Learn from sensation, and obsene it; becaum only a0 can a commence the ricnee of aelf4mowled@, and plant your g o t on the 1rat step of the ladder. Grow ae the flower growe, unconseionaly, but eagerly Ontion8 to open ite wul to the air.

Com < The Esoteric Library diqpt. Remnkthatftolnthelowlyphaeeqhigtrsr phasee develop, F m the mud of the river the besutiful lotus rear8 its stalk, and forcing its way througb the water reaches the air, and unfold8 its beautiful flower, From the mud of the physical, the plant of life p a w s through the water of the mental plane, on to the air of the spiritual, and there unfolds. bole around you and see what men are doing-what they are saying-what they are thinking-it is all right, in all its phases, for those who are in it.

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