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By Beverly Conyers

Witnessing the dependancy of a loved one or friend is a heart-rending adventure. yet wish can succeed, as proven during this compelling new ebook. the following, the gripping tales of fathers, moms, sons, and daughters of addicts supply vital classes on loving, detachment, intervention, and self care.

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Anger and accusations followed. “You’re psychotic, Mom,” she screamed. “Why can’t you accept that I’m grown up? ” The refusal to answer the door became a common thread throughout her addiction to cocaine and then to heroin, as did her reluctance to participate in family gatherings or join me in activities she had once enjoyed, such as going to the movies or going out to eat. She became increasingly isolated and treated every overture of kindness from her friends, her siblings, and me as an invasion of her privacy.

Once there, he seemed to require more and more care. Doreen worried about his health, so she cooked a nutritious meal for him every day. She worried about his lack of grooming, so she did his laundry and forced him to shower and even cut his hair when he had no money for the barber. She worried about his general aimlessness and lack of motivation, so she drove him to his counseling appointments and to job interviews. Then he would say something such as “I don’t blame you, Ma. No one would want me,” and pity would make her relent.

Other pleasurable experiences, including satisfying relationships, personal accomplishments, and the appreciation of natural or artistic beauty, add meaning and purpose to life. We can all name specific experiences that produce sensations of pleasure and describe what those sensations feel like. They can identify the electrical and chemical activities that occur within the brain to generate those good sensations. The Beast Inside t h e b i olo g y o f a d d i c t i on The brain contains billions of impulse-conducting cells called neurons.

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