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Piton de los angeles Fournaise and Karthala are either guard volcanoes within the southwest Indian Ocean. This booklet summarizes the paintings performed on those very lively basaltic volcanoes. Piton de los angeles Fournaise has an extended heritage of medical study and tracking, with many information gathered in the course of contemporary eruptions. it's one in every of the main studied volcanoes on the earth. The paintings provided during this monograph comprises geological, geophysical, geochemical and petrological elements, but additionally reports on actual geography, traditional risks and the sociological and behavioural approaches.'

The Karthala volcano can be much less popular, however it serves as an enticing comparability to Piton de l. a. Fournaise. even supposing positioned on the subject of the volcanoes of Hawaii, it differs from them by way of its extra alkaline magmas and no more widespread job. It used to be additionally monitored for greater than 25 years, generating outstanding eruptions lately.

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G. no erosion). See text for the definition of the symbols. e. Moho temperatures are below 600-650 °C (Martinod & Davy 1992), and there exists a weak intermediate layer. According to experimental data on the mechanical properties of rocks, the upper crust and mantle are controlled by brittle (plastic) failure associated with seismic activity. For the brittle upper crust with quartz-rich rocks, the yield-stress envelope (YSE) is a linear function of the overburden pressure and is temperature independent (Byerlee 1978).

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