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By Robert Gardner

Get children drawn to technological know-how whereas making toys and doing magic tips with the original experiments during this booklet. Make a "genie" in a bottle, a flame that jumps, a toy electrical motor, and extra! examine chemistry and physics whereas having enjoyable. Many experiments contain high-interest principles to get children concerned with technological know-how festivals. scholars can ace their subsequent technological know-how undertaking or try out utilizing magic and toys!

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Consequently, air pressure holds the card against the cup. If you remove your finger, air will enter the cup, the pressure inside the cup will become equal to the air pressure, and the card will fall. Science Fair Project Ideas How does atmospheric pressure change with altitude? You can measure air pressure with an aneroid barometer, which, unlike a mercury barometer, can be carried easily from place to place. Can you detect a difference in air pressure while riding in an elevator? Can you detect a difference in going from one floor of a building to another?

At first, the raisins will sink to the bottom of the glass. Then, they will rise to the surface, twist and turn a few times, and then sink back to the bottom of the liquid, before they rise again for another dance. THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE MAGIC Because raisins are denser than the beverage, they sink when you drop them into the liquid. However, gases are less soluble in water at low pressure than at the higher pressure that existed when the carbonated beverage was bottled. As a result, bubbles of carbon dioxide emerge in fizzy fashion from the solution when the bottle is opened.

Can you detect a difference in going from one floor of a building to another? Does the barometer indicate pressure changes as you go up and down hills in a car or a bus? Build a barometer that uses water instead of mercury. How long a tube will you need to measure air pressure with such a barometer? 5 Air Pressure Can Be a Real Crusher Materials: an adult soap and warm water empty 1-gallon metal can with a screw-on cap (such as one used to hold paint thinner, olive oil, or maple syrup) cup of water hot plate or stove work gloves or pot holder heat-proof mat or thick stack of newspapers large cloth cold water Because this activity requires heat and hot objects, ask an adult to help you.

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