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By William Walker Atkinson

This assortment chronicles the fiction and non fiction classics by means of the best writers the realm has ever recognized. The inclusion of either renowned in addition to ignored items is pivotal to delivering a huge and consultant selection of vintage works.

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The atman of one person is in essence the same as the atman of all others. Its characteristic is oneness, an identity of individual consciousness with Brahman. The metaphors of the river flowing into the sea or the drop of water dissolving into the ocean illustrate this loss of the lower individuality of ego in order to gain a higher identity with Brahman. The atman stands outside the evolution, unaffected by the passing show of this ever-changing world. The realization of atman (or Buddha-nature) is the final goal of spiritual practice in kevala advaita, Buddhism and Taoism.

A single taste of this psychic happiness 34 Integral Psychology can be enough to change the direction of a person’s life, for it opens us to possibilities undreamed of before. For many people it is just such an experience that marks the beginning of the spiritual journey. ” This peace comes from deep within, and when it extends to the surface it brings a tranquility and calm to the mind and heart. This sense of peace brings an overpowering relief from the stress and anxiety that so pervade everyday life.

But slowly, as the psychic center awakens, it becomes a guiding force in our lives. This inner guidance also protects us from the dangers of the inner journey, for in integral yoga psychology the psychic center brings discernment (viveka) and is the only part of the being that cannot be touched by the tempting powers of the intermediate zone. As this proceeds our life harmonizes with our inner being, so that all parts of our existence become increasingly aligned with our deeper psychic center—our work, our play, our relationships, our diet, our exercise, our entertainment, the books we read, the influences and experiences to which we are open.

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