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By Tim LaHaye;Jerry B. Jenkins

To be used IN colleges AND LIBRARIES in simple terms. in a single cataclysmic second, hundreds of thousands around the world disappear.Vehicles, all at once unmanned, careen uncontrolled. individuals are terror afflicted as household vanish sooner than their eyes.In the midst of world chaos, airline captain Rayford Steele needs to seek

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Would he have to tell her by phone? He feared he would. She would surely ask. He lumbered to the couch and lay down, a sob in his throat but no more tears to accompany it. If only Chloe would somehow get his message and get started home, he could at least tell her face-to-face. Rayford lay there grieving, knowing the television would be full of scenes he didn't want to see, dedicated around the clock to the tragedy and mayhem all over the world. And then it hit him. He sat up, staring out the window in the darkness.

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