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By Harold Stewart

A hundred and eighty web page tough disguise e-book of Haiku poems and work. released through Charles E. Tuttle corporation in a primary variation reward e-book in 1993.

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35 Coveted by business interests in Sydney and Brisbane, eastern New Guinea had been the subject of inconclusive negotiations between the Queensland Government and the Colonial Office for possible British annexation in the preceding decade. 37 Preoccupied in Burma and Malaya, Britain reluctantly agreed to establish and run the new territory as a British protectorate, funded by the Australian colonies, if only to clarify German, Dutch and now British territorial claims on the island. Nonetheless, the Netherlands Indies Government remained distrustful of British intentions and, with Germany, was hostile towards Australian commercial activity in the eastern islands.

It regulated interpersonal and inter-group relations in almost every domain between the ‘Black’, ‘White’ and ethnically mixed ‘non-Aboriginal’ ‘Coloured’ inhabitants, the latter a socially and administratively ambiguous category, which might approximate either ‘Black’ or ‘White’ according to the dictates of policy. Even children were not exempt. Segregated schooling meant that Chinese and Japanese children generally attended the ‘White school’, whereas the children of Malays and Filipinos who were not educated at the convent school attended the ‘Coloured school’ along with children of Indigenous descent.

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