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Nice e-book approximately interfacing the true global to Intel's blockbuster (for its time) Microcontroller and Microprocessor with peripheral services correct at the chip. great e-book for classic chip hackers!

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Often, a total redesign of the circuit is too risky, too time consuming, or too expensive. This section discusses how automatic layout modification technology can be used to perform the necessary changes. 1 High-voltage or low-voltage? The decision of which supply voltage level to use for a certain device depends on several factors: general system supply voltage, availability of complementary design parts at the same voltage level, prices of other system parts, and different markets. 5 V is normal.

A design can be shrunk from process A to process B, but a design is not shrinkable, per se. Large IDM companies take care to ensure that their old and new processes are compatible, so that they will be able to shrink their older designs to the new technology. They often plan these shrinks ahead of time by using design rules in the current process that are larger than necessary for critical structures such as resistors and capacitors. One necessary condition for a linear shrink is that design rules change linearly.

This new netlist will be simulated and the results of the simulation analyzed. The result of the timing simulation is a list of signals that do not match the timing requirements. These signals are called critical signals. There are several key parts of this process. The first is extracting the resistance and capacitance of the wires from the layout. Depending on the required amount of accuracy, one-, two-, and three-dimensional approaches can be used. The one-dimensional approach uses wire length and area to approximate capacitance.

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