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There is not anything as insufferable as a nasty date. From the awkward dialog to the strained laughter to the moments of sheer bewilderment (did he simply name me "Poopsy?"), courting isn't an job for the simply discouraged. fortunately, Justin Racz returns with this latest installment to aid ease the romantic soreness. those would-be Casanovas remind us that there are worse occasions on hand. together with entries comparable to: "Creepy Non-Blinker," "Keeps Telling you the way a lot You Remind Him of His Sister," "Mechanical Bull Riding," "Lap puppy Girl," and "Invites you over and is donning pajamas in case you arrive," 50 Dates Worse Than Yours provides on the subject of each blindingly undesirable date round. jam-packed with enjoyable photos and outrageous bullet issues directory every one potential partner's hideous characteristics, this can be the appropriate reward for somebody who has ever faked meals poisoning simply to escape from that man her aunt set her up with.
Justin Racz is the writer of 50 Boyfriends Worse Than Yours, 50 relations Worse Than Yours, 50 Jobs Worse Than Yours, 50 Days Worse Than Yours, and J.Crewd. he's an ads copywriter and lives in ny urban.
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50 Boyfriends Worse Than Yours HC 1-58234-492-2 ISBN-13 978-1-58234-492-8 $14.95 50 family Worse Than Yours HC 1-59691-055-0 ISBN-13 978-1-59691-055-3 $14.95 50 Jobs Worse Than Yours HC 1-59691-056-9 ISBN-13 978-1-59691-056-0 $14.95 50 Days Worse Than Yours 1-59691-263-4 ISBN-13 978-1-59691-263-2 $14.95

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Cow Tipping 29. Was It a Date? 30. Breakup 31. Airtroduced 32. Reality Show 33. Mechanical Bull Riding Lawsuit 34. Xtreme Date 35. Lapdog Date 36. Loud Bar 37. Best Friend's Dad 38. One Night Stand 39. Triple Indie Feature 40. Bad Playdate 41. She Didn't Shut Up 42. Meet My Homies 43. NASCAR/Secondhand Smoke 44. Arrives in Pajamas 45. Wedding 46. Date to Mate 47. Dim Sum 48. Car Ran Out of Gas 49. Wicked Cheap 50. Company Christmas Party 51. Your Date 1. Proposes on First Date Terminally ill or in serious need of a tax break, he pops the question.

Just kidding. " He never took his eyes off of you. Never. You now have to change your cell phone number and locks, just in case. 24. She Was Pregnant On her online profile she checked off A Few Extra Pounds. Unfortunately, Third Trimester wasn't a category. A free-flowing peasant top, drawstring pants, and sandals to accommodate her swollen feet. Nothing. Sometimes words are insufficient. "Want to feel him? " D-cup. She has twins at home. 25. The Dutchman Ladies, bring your checkbook. It's actually not so much that he's a spendthrift as he's a great believer in equality.

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