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Yammer up Your Work Culture: Yammer the Change Agent

March 14th, 2015 Best Practices, Yammer

Yammer up Your Work Culture: Yammer the Change Agent

Ever thought that a conversation at work can actually define the organisational culture? Well, Yammer is more than just a place for conversations – and does more for your culture than you may know. We think you will be pleasantly surprised!
Did you know that Yammer can promote a Positive Peer culture? It moves away from the hierarchical style of management, encouraging a whole new culture where decision making is through collective wisdom, ‘ideating’ and healthy discussions, where participants genuinely feel the inclusivity in the discussion. Yammer helps in bringing about just this – getting people together in a common forum, allowing free exchange of ideas, involvement and accountability of individuals as well as the ability to pull in new participants into conversations at any point in time, with easy reference to the central source of information in the form of a knowledge repository accessible by anyone. Some of the best leaders are identified in these forums via their contribution to these forms.

“Conversations matter – a conversation is just the start for creating a whole new culture”

With the advent of Yammer of Enterprise Social, email based Distribution Lists (DLs) are outdated – Why restrict a conversation to specific individual mailboxes when the discussion can be much bigger and open? Move it to Yammer. This also makes it easier to follow the discussion in a more social experience than traditional email-based forums – Be the change agent in your Work Culture Transformation – see how Yammer can transform how employees connect with one other and connect with ideas. Yammer promotes Knowledge sharing, encourages thinking out-of-the-box, which is all aimed towards the era of emergence and enabling awesome work cultures.

Share your perspectives: diverge and converge - Yammer helps you comfortably diverge into diverse topics within a forum, capturing everyone’s valuable perspectives. We all like to “agree to disagree” and move on with the conversation in order converge at a later point on that sticking point, rather than cause a bottleneck to progress with discussion and the subsequent ideas proposed. This talks a great deal to today’s culture – where the individual indulges in information gathering and ideas exchange to collect the dots. Once the dots are collected, the participants then converge by connecting the dots to make a meaningful conclusion. Of course this would need some moderation: to channel the conversation and could be facilitated by internal community managers and innovation managers.

StatInsight - Yammer up Your Work Culture

Start with “Why” – Traditional problem solving was about finding “How” it can be done. Today we are more keen to know “Why” a particular action needs to be performed before getting into the “How” and “What” of it. Apart from gaining clarity, this behavior also builds a high degree of conviction in the individual, and helps them become involved in any decision that is made right through to conclusion. Yammer promotes the individual and the group to have an open conversation on the Why-How-What aspects of the topic before they actually get into the work part of it. Valuable questions posed by curious individuals becomes enlightenment for other folks in the group who may have never thought of it, and yet delighted to know the facts of the matter. What a way to collaborate!

“Help bring out the ideas of individuals to the larger audience”

‘Think’ vs ‘Do’ competency – The individual today is more about the think-competency than the traditional do-competency. Thinking “out-of the box” is the norm in most places where people are encouraged to think differently, and not just follow the rules laid out by someone else. This needs to be nurtured in organisations through various forums – Yammer being the most effective and easily available medium to help bring out the ideas of individuals to the larger audience – and recorded, so that they can be referred at a later point in time.

StatInsight Understanding people


Understanding people to understand business – The secret ingredient to forming a unique work culture is Trust – a distinct human feeling when a group of people believe in a common goal, willing to experiment, and look out for each other. This is what upholds the values of the organisation. Conversations then become the key medium to get people together from various fields to join a discussion forum to solve a business problem, share perspectives, take quick decisions involving all, or just to get together and think up an area of discussion.

“Learning today is more about conversations and experimentation”

The learning organisation – Learning is fast becoming the culture of the organisation itself. Information is abundant. Yammer opens up a whole new book of information to individuals to refer to, discuss, take advice, reach out to the individuals who’ve been there/done that and tread confidently even while in an unknown state. Learning today is more about conversations and experimentation and not limited to reading. The social media world has transformed the individual today by exposing them to information and the ability to collect inputs from various sources, share them with others and voice out perspectives. This is the learning culture that is promoted via Yammer.
Yammer in simple terms “brings people together for a conversation in a common forum”. Think a little deeper – what does this really mean for your organisation? You’d realise that the conversation is just the start for creating a whole new culture – a culture of trust, collaboration, learning, fun and growth.

So, are you Yammering up your workplace towards the new culture?

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