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Understanding Yammer’s Capabilities

December 29th, 2014 Best Practices, Business, Yammer

Understanding Yammer’s Capabilities

Yammer offers its users many of options in how to engage and communicate and if used wisely, you will notice a smoothing out of your ‘office life’.

Therefore, before you start using Yammer as a part of your daily routine, its important to take the time to understand the various options and capabilities that are available in Yammer. If used correctly, you can greatly improve visibility of projects and improve teamwork across departments and individuals. The following are some of the most significant examples we have found with our customers:

Interaction and Collaboration

‘Why is it I can find an plumber on Facebook quicker than I can find a product specialist at work?’

Yammers’ main strength lies in the fact that it improves and increases the interaction and collaboration between various departments and employees, who would in normal cases, have not been able to interact so comfortably. Yammer is also much easier in use allowing people to utilize it in the same way the personal/external social networks they are used to. People can share videos, links, pictures and files in much the same manner as they do when interacting with someone on external social media (as other users can be mentioned or acknowledged in by post by simply adding an @ before using their username).

Yammer also allows these users to easily track their favourite users, documents and groups. People can also send private or public messages to each other and give each other ‘likes’ on comments and publications, much like on any popular social network. 

Projects and Groups

‘Its amazing how hard it is to actually brainstorm, share ideas and keep the creative juices flowing with colleagues if they’re not physically next to me’

Yammer allows users to create groups that allow collaborative workspaces for various employees to work together. Furthermore, you can share these groups with other people. Creating a group is easy and similar to the ‘Fan Pages’ that one can find on Facebook. By allotting a ‘Group’ to each project, you can make sure that all the proper information regarding milestones, meetings, training sessions, delivery dates and other details are shared with everyone. You also have the ability to execute surveys and post snapshots as well as answer any questions in a timely manner. This further helps you to make quick decisions through group conversations and do all of this in the ‘public eye’ of only your work colleagues, allowing them to chip in as or when needed.

Increased Accessibility

‘Sometimes….actually most of the time….my best ideas don’t come to me when I’m at my desk. I also find myself wanting to do certain types of work at random times. Not necessarily between 9am and 5pm on a week day at my desk’

If you are on the move, you don’t have to stop Yammering. Yammer can be easily accessed through any device that you have as long it can support an internet connection and since the information in Yammer is stored on a secure cloud and any updates are uploaded in real-time. Furthermore, the Yammer network can be accessed easily through your smartphone because there are numerous mobile apps through which you can use it and is supported on various platforms making it easy for people who have iOS, Android or Windows to access Yammer regardless of the device they are using.

Owing to these factors, Yammer is definitely a tool that can make things easier for businesses to use and adapt to market changes quickly. Furthermore, Yammer also enables a business to be able to break down organisational and geographical barriers. It opens up and creates channels of communications which facilitate the sharing of information, improvement of productivity and solidifies the internal structure of a business by improving relationships between employees and the management.

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