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New to Yammer analytics?

New to Yammer analytics?

Who in the organisation actually uses Yammer analytics?

Most organisations (that we’ve spoken to) answer that yammer analytics are used by, maybe, a central team within the enterprise or that they are just starting to use Yammer analytics in pockets of the organisation but not as a core part of their business strategy – i.e. it is not an agenda item in the CEO’s Board Meetings.

To ensure the business approach Yammer analytics in the right way and with the right people engaged, StatInsight’s basic guide to addressing Yammer analytics goes like this:

– What are the top five things your CEO is worried about?
– What are the top ten things your Senior Management are worried about?
– Is there any overlap? Then these are the items you need Yammer analytics on
– Understand what insight you need to help you understand these items (not data)
– What information would help you get insight into these items?
– Now you know what you need Yammer Analytics to do for you.

It’s a chain that should go: Problem – insight – info – data – Yammer analytics. Simples.

Be careful that Yammer analytics are something that incorporates a number of views and opinions across the business and not just central IT or Business Intelligence teams – as you may end up with great Yammer analytics – but for administrating Yammer, not for actually understand key trends, topics or people in the organisation.

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