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5 Things to Consider Before Launching Yammer

February 15th, 2015 Best Practices, Business, Yammer

5 Things to Consider Before Launching Yammer

So you are planning on rolling out Yammer? That’s fantastic. Yammer specialises in allowing you to interact with fellow employees and as you may know is aimed at increasing internal communication within your organisation as well as partners and suppliers. For many businesses, Yammer is a revolutionary way to make sure that people are highly productive, aware of everything they need to be and work as smoothly as a well-oiled machine. However many organisations seem to plan on rolling out Yammer in the same manner that they launch IT systems – and this can result in poor adoption and limited realisation of the potential of Yammers capabilities. Before you start rolling out any enterprise social initiative, make sure that you have taken the time to consider the following five things about Yammer:


1. Match Yammer to Your Business’ Needs and Purposes
What are your business targets for Yammer?

Make sure that Yammer ties in with your business’ needs and purposes and that it can fit in smoothly into your practice and you can track usage and activity accordingly. Ensure that you are able to incorporate it as something that can facilitate your business objectives, such as improving communication and collaboration and better employee experience. Don’t try to craft your business around Yammer as that will most probably backfire!
Yammer’s strength lies in being able to improve your overall communication, ability to share ideas quickly, connect with colleagues and save time and money via better information exchange


2. Increase Active Participation of Employees
Do you have an engagement target?

Yammer should increase the participation of your employees in your business’ projects, goals and other work-related initiatives that further improve the business’s performance. Several studies have indicated that improving employee engagement delivers increased employee performance and retention. By making sure that everyone participates and shares their ideas and feedback on Yammer, you can use Yammer as a means to capture knowledge that was earlier in the ‘heads’ of the individuals but now available as an electronic version that is searchable and discoverable, thereby giving your employees the ability to pick brilliant ideas that would otherwise have gone unheard, and also to reuse the information that is now present within the company.
Encourage your employees to utilise Yammer on a regular basis so that their ideas are out there and hence benefit from the crowd-sourcing model facilitated by Yammer.


3. Integrate With Other Systems
Where does Yammer fit?

Yammer can be used to improve the effective communication across your organisation. This can be greatly beneficial if your organisation integrates Yammer with other systems that are widely used in the organisation, such as integrating with SharePoint Intranets and with SharePoint Teams and other line of business systems like CRM. The ability to publish updates and have users find them via subscribing to topics and following groups is powerful tool.
Imagine the amount of ad-hoc status update emails you could avoid!


4. Improve Behaviour
Do you have hearts and minds?

It is possible to influence the behaviour of your employees through Yammer. For certain projects and other specific objectives that are target specific, you can make sure that Yammer emphasises what you want from your employees. Creating a certain ‘hive-minded’ workforce can improve your company performance. Be sure to sit down and really think about what you want to say, post and motivate your employees with.
During the early stages of your Yammer journey make sure you have support of key visible stakeholders in the business, as let’s face it, Yammer is more than a communication tool – it’s a tool that can help you model and amplify the corporate culture of your company.


5. Community Administration to Keep It Active
Who are you Champions?

Yammer needs to be kept active with posts and moderation on a regular basis. Do not let it grow stagnant as if you post a lot later, these posts will go unnoticed. You need to make sure that you and the rest of the team responsible for rolling out Yammer are actively managing the content and guiding the conversations. By creating groups and topics as guidelines during the launch of the network you can ensure that users who are joining this social journey are not left pondering about the network’s objectives and therefore duplicating messages in groups, or even worse, leave them feeling frustrated enough to ignore the network and label it “another IT system”
Above are some of the things to consider before rolling out Yammer. As with everything else no one recommendation will work for all organisations, however we feel these are good guidelines to ensure successful deployment and management.

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