About Us

Our vision is to deliver the most powerful insights to everyone in the organisation.


adj. Abbreviation for the latin word Statim: Immediately

adv. With no delay

adj. Immediate

Turning data into
Insight. Stat.

Yammer certified, headquartered in London and incorporated in 2014, StatInsight was formed by a team who saw that Enterprise Social Networks where missing straightforward, uncomplicated and common sense data insights. We’ve worked in and around the Microsoft ecosystem for years and through our knowledge of their strategy and products can give you everything you need to deliver a successful Yammer rollout.


We've researched hard to find out what you need before you know you need it.


Enterprise Social may be a new concept for your users, so we're here for you whenever you need us.


We help you deliver measurable ROI on your Enterprise Social projects.

We saw a gap in the market for universal Yammer analytics that were suitable for anyone – no matter your company size, role in the organisation or technical ability - which told you the things you wanted to know in a format that was easy to understand, reduces time to insight and delivers actionable Yammer analytics and insights.

An expert team that wants to help you succeed

Having worked in organisations such as Accenture, Avanade, Barclays, BT, HSBC and IBM, within functions such as Business Intelligence, Data Visualisation, Marketing, Social Media & M&A: we can always bring something to the table.

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